1. St Mary’s Hospital

    1 week ago today I was there for the royal birth. I didn’t fly to London especially for the birth….really i didn’t. I flew to London to be disappointed, live, by our cricketers. And they didn’t disappoint.

    The cricket didn’t go to a fifth day so I had sufficient time up my sleeve to wonder off to St Mary’s to see if I couldn’t lend a hand. I arrived at 8:25pm and the birth was announced at 8:35pm. Me and about 5,000 English women cheered.

    Then they sang ‘Happy Birthday’. An interesting choice. I thought that was normally reserved for a time when at least one candle could be pushed into a carrot cake.

    Then they sang Beatles songs and so the celebrations continued into the night.

    I’m no royal watcher but being there it was fun to witness the joy and the madness and the Englishness of it all.

    The next morning I bought a number of the daily papers (see below). I think you’ll agree that most of the headlines hit the mark……with the exception of the Daily Mail which dropped the ball badly!!

  2. Royal baby headlines